Research thesis ‘Education in laparoscopic surgery’

The predictive value of aptitude assessment in laparoscopic surgery: a meta-analysis. 
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Ergonomic assessment of the French and American position for laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the MIS Suite.
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Development of a Standardized Training Course for Laparoscopic Procedures Using Delphi Methodology.
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Procedure based assessment for laparoscopic cholecystectomy can replace global rating scales. 
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Staying in touch with reality: the importance of stereoscopic vision.
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Necrotizing soft-tissue infection after self-removal of an artificial penile nodule in a Surinamese man.
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Sphincter sparing resection of a large obstructive distal rectal GIST after neoadjuvant therapy with Imatinib (Glivec). 
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Bonyo trial: congruency between the microbiological assessment of bone samples and bone swaps in patients with osteomyelitis.
 Diagnosis and treatment of osteomyelitis in Academisch Ziekenhuis Paramaribo.

(Not published)

Emergency medicine

Do not resuscitate orders in the emergency department.
K.H.Kramp, R. de Hond, M. Mehrab, R.A.P.A. Hessels, M.A.A. van Hooft
(Under review)

Cardiac arrest after the inhalation of deodorant spray.
KH Kramp, M Salih, E Thomeer, M Gardien.
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  • Independent: Dutch teenager dies after inhaling deodorant spray in effort to get high
  • FOX news: Dutch teen dies after inhaling deodorant spray to get high.
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