The ops calculator

During drivers license medical examinations in the Netherlands, the OPS examination method (Oriëntatie en geheugen, Praktische vaardigheden, Sociaal en persoonlijk functioneren) is used to asses clients of elderly age. Below is the result an app created with Python and Dash that was uploaded to Heroku. You can use it to interactively calculate the OPS score. The code can be found in this GitHub link.


The OPS score is used to assess driving ability in the elderly. It has been developed and published in 2000 by Frederiec Withaar from the University of Groningen in the article “Divided Attention and Driving, the effects of aging and brain injury”. Frederiec describes the followingin her PhD Thesis:

“The OPS covered the domains of Orientation and memory, Praxis and attention, and Social functioning. Almost three-thousand subjects (n = 2992) who applied for license renewal were included in the study. The mean age of the group was74 years, ranging from 65 tot 94 years. only 1l I subjects (47) demonstrated signs of cognitive impairment as observed during the medical screening. Of these persons, 45 subjects (39) could renew their driving license for the full period of five years. Thirty-two candidates (29) voluntarily dropped the relicensing procedure, and2l subjects (19) failed the on-road test, with the consequence that their license was not renewed. An additional 10 subjects (12) needed restricted licenses. The 45 subjects with renewed full licenses were significantly younger and scored significantly better on a diversity of neuropsychological measures than the others.”