10-12years: programming simple things. Too hard: no help from other people.

16y became christian. Serving God is the purpose of my live. 


study medicine

Phd -> meta-analysis -> God?

Work intensive care -> help people by thinking, not by praying.

Book Wij zijn ons brein -> faith genetic predisposition->Evolution -> logical explanation for faith

Homo sapiens Stories main drive for communities. Story of my faith was part of my drive to work for the community. 

Richard Dawkins -> Redicule of faith. Infinite regression. Faith more of a meme then a real story? 

Health sector: story of earning money changes the working of health sector -> influence of capitalism on health care (e.g. prescribing medicine sometimes useless but provides money)

Read and learn about marxism. The surplus in health sector is large: residents work hard to get a speciality. A lot of people profit from this work: health managers, sometimes specialists.  Nurses do night shifts stand by the patient in time of disease, they make money for the managers and owners of company, but they don’t see any accumulation of wealth themselves. They create massive amounts of data that are valuable to the outside world, people in offices, but they dont see or benefit from the data themselves.  There is a accumulation of wealth through working in a health corporation (hospital, nursery home, etc.) that reinforces societal inequalities. 

Homo deus -> dataism -> read more about computer science. I can use thinking to help myself improve in work efficiency by programming. I can improve the lives of patients by focussing on these things. 

Created medical dashboard with automatiation of different taks -> resistence of managers. 

one of the important things i learnder->Computers emotion = 0 -> they dont care about humans -> help humanity we have to do it ourselves 

While programming medical dash_board -> problems -> diabetes is damaging mhy health -> insuline pump ?

insuline pump aotmatisation.

This is where I am right now:

– Wrote a book about partner dance. 

– Created my own semi-electronic patient file.

– Starting to create my own  artificial pancreas to heal myself and create a compony that helps patients implement the self build artificial pancreas.