I’m a medical doctor and researcher with a PhD in surgical education. I currently work as a freelancer in different fields of medicine. I believe that whether you are a medical doctor, nurse, physio-therapist or someone else who is taking care of patients, learning automatisation, data science and machine learning can increase your work efficiency and efficacy and by doing so ultimately will improve the lives of patients. 

Learning these skills will involve learning how to read and write code. This can be a complex task at times. However, the establishment and continual development of the open source community shows us that people are happy to help others, that people are good at heart and that if we join our efforts nothing is impossible. 

I made this website to describe the steps in my journey to  become code literate. The pages contain education material and reviews related to automation, machine learning and data science in health care. Some of the pages contain detailed Python scripts with explanation other pages are more about abstract concepts. The full Python codes are  available on my GitHub page. You can also follow me on Medium if you want to stay up-to-date about new publications. I hope that you enjoy reading my posts.

“Learn something new everyday”